Ode To Nerds

The secret is that we create

Magic fades and will end

The poetry of fire

Code builders together

This star by gold mark-solarski-183869-unsplash


Empty Prayers

Delayed question

Who is noisy and alone?

They suffer for you

Eyes gray and afraid

A bridge closing

Empty prayers dan-gribbin-50368-unsplash


You know where to find me

Third grave from the left

On Stanford Road in Helltown

Three blocks from the

Mother of Sorrows church

Where the unwanted are

Slaughtered at birth ivy-barn-452825-unsplash



Expendable heroes?

Fathers, husbands, and friends

They lay down their lives

For ruthless tyrants

Leave your biases aside

Some come back homeless

Or disabled for life

Some still scorned by society

Where is this country’s priorities verdun-memorial-cemetery-1466090613kzo



Air Raid

Air raid

Lives fade


Disease of mankind

Rulers act like

Tantrum throwing


It can’t be denied

We live in a

“Give me! Give me!”


My Neighbor Bob

There once was a man named Bob

He was the world’s biggest slob

He slept in his shit

Just couldn’t help it

He didn’t get why its wrong burnt-toilet

My Neighbor Tammy

There once was a woman named Tammy

Who had a crush on her nanny

She looked up her skirt

When that didn’t work

She went out with her granny the-old-photo-old-lady

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