The Prejudice Key

The keyhole bleeds

Lies, Lies, Lies

You can try, try, try

To spread rumors about me

I can see your eye

Contempt in that eye

Try, Try, Try with

Your Lies, Lies, Lies

To make a fool out of me

You can knock, knock, knock

It will never stop

‘Cause you fit the

Prejudice key

Ring, Ring, You scream

As the doorbell bleeds

Turn the prejudice key daryn-stumbaugh-58483-unsplash


Death’s Steed

Who holds the deed to death’s steed?

Would you bleed to hold the deed to death’s steed?

Would you scream ever so silently?

Would you lick the devil’s sweat as it beads

To hold the deed to death’s steed?

On your own flesh would you feed

To hold the deed to death’s steed?

Blood money, lusty pleasure, and impurity

Will sign the deed to death’s steedracing-horses (1)


Gurnsey Hollow Ghosts (Cemeteries)

A young girl chased into a graveyard by a gang

Legends goes, she was tormented, and beaten with stones

This place has many guardian ghosts

A little boy will escort you out

An old woman glares at any passers-by

Perhaps a witch giving the “evil eye”

Electronic equipment will fail

Orbs appear, and the spirits wail cemetery-by-the-road

Introduction to the Goodleburg Ghosts (Cemetery)

Place of botched abortions

Pain, torture, and misery

Illegal abortions done in secret

Bodies were hidden away

Covered in mysterious fog

Faint music emanates from the graves

Bones wash up near the water’s edge

Spectral mothers meet their ghostly friends

The doctor hangs from a tree

Every first Friday, you can see

A place of melancholy, and despair

This cemetery is too much to bear halloween-cemetery-15058931306nO

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