Bandage Man of Cannon Beach

A mummified man covered in blood

Haunted Oregon’s highway 101

If you spot him, your engine you should gun!

He busts windows, and hops into cars

You don’t want those mental scars!

Some say he was a logger who was cursed

Went through a woodchipper

His bloody remains were disbursed

Legend goes that he kills for sport

And he snacks of stray dogs

Make sure you don’t get that turn wrong

Two lovers were surprised

When they saw the deranged man’s eyes

They were lucky they survived bloody-hand-print



The Ghosts of War

The ghosts of war have

Spores to create a disease

Disguised as a cloaking technique

To weed out the corrupt elite

Society has no respect for

The dead, or the living

Monitor your helmet feed

For what you’re about

To see is quite obscene!!! verdun-memorial-cemetery-1466090613kzo


What was your fate Charlie-No-Face?

Did your face melt away by flame?

Did you get struck by a lightening bolt?

Or perhaps a victim of Chernobyl

Some say he was maimed by electric shock

His nose, lips, ears, eyes, and hands were blown off

After that he was locked away

In the isolated rooms of the Victorian days burning-question-mark


The Moaning Road

A young girl appears on Talamani Road

“Slow down! You’re going to fast!”

Her ghostly apparition moans

“Do you want to make my fate your own?

I was killed in a wreck close to home”

Reach a certain speed, and you’ll hear

A guttural moan

“Watch that curve, or you won’t go home!”

The ghost moans in a melancholic monotone

Reach 35, and you’ll hear a cry from the driver’s side

“Slow down! Are you trying to commit suicide?” tertia-van-rensburg-37121-unsplash


Screaming Bridge

…And thus erupted a cacophony of screams

As the locomotive exploded from

The pressure of the trapped steam

Men, and women melted within their seats

Venture across this bridge

And the tragedy you shall relive

Horror, and misery within these screams

A quarreling couple dared to cross

The girlfriend, she was pushed off

Over the guardrail an infant was tossed

By a distraught woman, who’s mind was lost

Phantom trains roam the bridge

Orbs appear no matter what time it is

Madness lies in wait for its next victim train-1405338771pXc (1)

Places Believed To Be Gateways To Hell

According to the Mayans, the Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave of Belize is an entrance to the underworld. Legend states that this cave contains a labyrinthine series of tunnels. Flowing alongside the series of tunnels is a river of blood, and a river of scorpions. Human remains have been found within this cave. Many archeologists believe that these individuals were victims of human sacrifice. teufel

So You Think Drugs Are Cool…

So you think drugs are cool

Meet a waste named Bob

Brags about all his evictions

Groceries are supplied by his mom

Not very bright; an IQ of five

He’s too braindead to be alive

Can’t hold a job; he’s always fried

Lives off his wife’s disability

Is this how you want to be?

His yard is piled with junk

He saves all his change for drugs

Months of unwashed clothes pile up

His place is the “Party House”

Blasts his music, stays up for days

Do you really want to live this way?

Forty year old wife looks like

Surgery botched under the knife

His friends all have no teeth

Thinks it’s cool to intimidate

And threaten women, and the weak

He makes his wife do all the chores

Too many methed out nights

Can give you quite a snore

Do you still think drugs are cool

Then you are a mindless tool rosie-kerr-607587-unsplash


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