Planet Asylum, part two

I emerged to gather supplies. As I walked out the doors of the main asylum, I was confronted by several bearded men with firearms.

“Stand down! It’s a worker!” a voice behind me shouted.

I was approached by a bald man dressed in camos. “It’s O.K. Nobody’s going to hurt you. I’m Tony.”

He surveyed my ragged clothes, and wild hair. “I know that you’ve been forced to live in hiding. I believe that we can help each other.”

He handed me half a sandwich.

I regarded him with suspicion. I hesitated for a few seconds, and grabbed the sandwich. I sunk to my knees, and covered my face. My head felt like a jack-hammer was boring through it. I remember seeing one of the psychiatrists performing a lobotomy. “Was that how it felt?” I wondered.

I fished through my pockets to find my eye protection. “Oh, fuck! Had I forgotten it?”

It was the brightest part of the day. The triple suns had created a blinding glare.

“Here, you’re going to need these.” He handed me a pair of dark glasses. Then he took my hand. “C’mon, help me find the rest of the surviving workers. Once we find the patient’s records, we can start tracking down the escapees. If you help us track down the missing patients, I’ll give you a share of the bounty. You can buy yourself a nice piece of property on the mainland. Are you in?”

“Why not?” I thought to myself. “What have I got to lose?” I glanced back at the dungeonlike asylum. I nodded.

“All right!” Tony replied, “What’s your name?”

“Helena. Helena Hellshadow.” unknown-planet




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