Planet Asylum: chapter 3

The layout of the Blue Heaven Colony consisted of 7 conjoining asylums. One unit was used as a lockdown for violent patients, while the other 6 were used as dormitories.

The buildings were surrounded by a huge garden with walking paths. The once majestic garden was spray painted with satanic graffiti.

On the outskirts of the property was an abandoned temple, and an overgrown graveyard.

“Do you know these grounds well?”

I nodded. “Better than I know myself.”

“Let’s search the perimeter first,” Tony instructed his men.

We cut through the overgrown weeds. One of the men shouted, as he stepped on a severed human foot.

“Tim, what did you see?!”

Tim shined his flashlight into the thick tangle of weeds. Body parts were crudely planted into the soil. “Boss, you’ve got to see this!”

A crazed woman with blood all over her mouth, emerged from the darkness. She dropped the severed human hand that she had been gnawing on. “You’re destroying my crops! Do you realize how difficult it is to plant this time of year?!”

“Do you know who this deranged woman is?” Tony inquired, as his men drew their guns.

“Why, yes,” I replied, “That’s nurse Daisy. She’s a religious fanatic. She used to shackle the patients who were unbelievers inside the temple, and make them listen to sermons for days…”unknown-planet



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