Mother Nature Disowned Humanity

I am Mother Nature, and I am pissed

I blame humanity for all of thiseye-1348825358VkP (1)

You pollute my oceans, and cut down my trees

Destroy natural habitats

Mankind truly are the beasts

I give you greenhouse gases, and excessive heat

Humanity will be the next to go extinct



Paranoid, pill-popping, poor me

Mooching, money-grubbing, mindless freak

You only call when you need a handout

Unreliable, unstable, using is what you’re all about

Every time I see you I take a punch in the wallet

You only show up on your terms

Phony, and fake are a couple choice words

If I want your help I’ll call 1-800-RENT-A-FRIEND women-in-black


A Girl Named Die (Nick’s Lament)

I fell in love with a girl named Die

She taught me the ways of getting high

She was much older, and more experienced than I

Tired of the same old routine, mundane, and dry

We experimented, and everyday was a surprise

Until one day she lost that sparkle in her eyes

From streets to rehab I was none the wisehood-without-face

Handcuffed, and shunned

By my family I was despised

I moved from place to place

Until I found my home in a shallow grave

At 23 I met my demise

When I fell in love with that girl named Die



The Next Evolution

Megan watched as the last of her neighbors loaded their belongings into the truck. “Good. I can’t stand those people anyways!” she sneered as she closed all the blinds. “Good riddance to bad trash!”

She couldn’t stand people. She became disillusioned after a series of volatile relationships, and family drama. She became reclusive, and rarely ever left the house.

“Boy, these blackouts are lasting longer, and longer,” she muttered to herself as she lit another candle.

Megan was oblivious to what was going on in the world. Solar flares had caused society to go off the grid. People were turning on each other, and riots were starting all over the world.

Megan always made sure that she stocked up on necessities. She didn’t want to leave the house, because she was tired of seeing the ugliness mankind displayed toward each other.

She shivered despite being wrapped up in several blankets. She could feel frost forming around her nose, and fingertips. “I don’t remember the last time the power has been on. I’m not sure how long I’ll last without heat!”

She fell into a deep sleep.

Megan was awakened by a loud “meow.”

She kicked the covers off. “Damn strays!”

She was frozen in shock as she looked out her door. She was surrounded by giant balls of twine. “Damn, how long has it been since I left the house?” she wondered.

Megan screamed as a large humanoid cat with yellow eyes approached her. It was wearing suspenders. It scooped her up, and put her in its pocket. “Hi. I’m Randall. Where’s all your fur? Do you want to play?”

Randall presented her to a giant white cat with black blotches. It was wearing wire-rimmed glasses, and a tie. “Can I keep her, dad? She can be my pet.”

The black, and white cat adjusted its glasses. “Son, you don’t even know what that thing is.”

“Are there any more humans?” Megan inquired.

“Wait a minute,” Randall replied, “I think I read about humans in my history book. They haven’t been around for at least a hundred years…”


End Time Musings

Christmas carols filled with screams

Children plagued by prophetic dreams

Christmas trees lined with materialism, and greed

As the Grand Creator speaks

“Ah, my creations, mankind is but a disease

You are corrupt, devoid of mercy, or love

You have sided with the beast!” dark-clouds-and-rainbow

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