The Blue Room

“Did the shelter refer you to any places yet?” Susan asked her friend, Mary, as she nibbled on a stale donut.

“Yes. The Blue Room. The van will pick me up sometime tomorrow afternoon.”

“You might want to rethink that.” Susan’s eyes widened.”My friend Kathy took the Blue Room several years ago. She was only there for a couple days, and she disappeared.”

Mary shrugged. “It’s only $80 a month for that room. It’s not like I have a lot of options.”

Mary was greeted at the door by a friendly African-American woman. “I am Ava. I’ll be going over the lease with you. You got a nice big attic room. We have bible study every Thursday at 6 P.M. I only have two rules. You must provide your own toilet paper. Never tell anybody about this residence. It’s by referral only.”

Mary carried her small bag of belongings up the stairs. “Wow, this place is bigger than 2 dorm rooms combined!”

“There must have been a fire here,” she thought to herself, as she noticed the scorch marks on the floor.

“Well, that’s nice,” she said to herself, as she put her clothes into the drawers of the nightstand, “Someone left me an alarm clock.”

She looked down, and noticed a small doorway hidden behind her bed. It appeared to be locked. It was large enough to accommodate an adult from a crouching position.

She stretched out on the bed, and stared at the ceiling. Immediately, something caught her eye. The attic door was covered in police tape, along with a sign that spelled out “Attic Off Limits” in huge red letters.

“This place is creepy, but I guess it’s better than the shelter,” she muttered to herself.

Mary dozed off around 9 P.M., She was awakened by the sound of somebody pounding. She tried to turn on the light. It flickered, and went out.

She used the light from her cell phone to investigate. The strange little door had become unlatched, and it was banging against the side of her bed. She stifled a scream, as she watched the attic door opening, and closing itself.

She was awakened by loud music around midnight. She shuddered, as she realized the alarm clock wasn’t even plugged in.

Mary was overcome by an overwhelming sense of rage.

The next evening, the same thing happened, except this time she heard screaming.

On the third evening, Mary was awakened by somebody poking her.

The latch opened behind her bedside door. The maimed body of a female crawled over to Mary, and grabbed her leg.

“Help me! Help me!” the apparition moaned, “He’s gotten out!”

“Who?” Mary gasped.

“The ghost of my boyfriend. He hacked me to pieces,” the female ghost replied, as she spat up blood. “You’re not safe! He’s supposed to be bound by a spell!”

The attic door opened. A man covered in blood leapt out. He had a bullet wound to his head, and he was carrying an axe.

Suddenly, the room became engulfed in smoke. Mary watched in horror as several college students clawed at the windows to get out. She could smell their flesh burning…ramy-kabalan-467883-unsplash









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