Strangest Good Luck Charms: Poop

Yes, you read that right! Poop is considered to bring good luck in Japan. Gross! Let’s hope those good luck charms are all plastic!



Highways From Hell

Do you think your morning commute is treacherous? Try travelling down North Yungas Road in Bolivia. This road has earned the nickname “Death Road”, due to the fact that 300 people a year are killed.

Every day, travelers have to make their morning commute to work, under the most brutal of conditions. This mountain road has narrow lanes, few guardrails, and frequent landslides.

Many people fall to their death from the 15,000 foot cliffs.


Highways From Hell

Are you planning on travelling on the Leh-Manili Road of India? I hope you have a small vehicle. This single-lane mountain road has no guardrails, and a 17,500 foot drop. If that’s not bad enough, travelers also have to worry about frequent landslides.


Highways From Hell

Are you feeling brave? Why not take a trip down this adrenaline-pumping highway in Russia, known as BAM Road. Doesn’t the name alone sound terrifying enough?

BAM Road can only be crossed by off-road vehicles. The bridges are in such a state of repair, that they could collapse any minute.

Railroad crossings are not marked.

This road is also strewn with potholes that could do significant damage to your vehicle.



The First Time I Was Ever Published

Writing can be a cut-throat business. I consider myself to be a moderately successful author. However, I sure cannot make a living on the income I earn from writing. I believe that my time will come through hard work, and determination.

I want to share a humorous story about the first time I was ever published. I had submitted a story to a particular online literary magazine. A couple months later, I got an E-mail from the editor. There was a link to the website. I clicked on the link, and I saw a picture of a man receiving a rejection slip.

I thought to myself, “That’s a messed up way of sending me a rejection.”

I can’t count the number of rejections I’ve gotten through the years, hundreds, maybe thousands.

Anyways, I felt like I was being mocked.

It took me a couple months to realize that I had been published after all. The story I sent was about rejected writers. The picture of the man with the rejection slip was the illustration to my story. DUH!

I realize that being a novice writer is especially difficult. Please do not give up! I know it can feel like you’re trying to climb a mountain blindfolded, when you’re trying to get published for the first time. Hell, it only took me a couple decades! Your time will come too. I just takes a lot of hard work, and perseverance. coffee-cup-14541586031RB (1)

Highways From Hell

The Kakakoram Highway between China, and Pakistan is a mountain road with a 15,400 foot drop. If that’s not nerve-wracking enough, the road is poorly maintained, and the travelers have to deal with blinding fog, blizzards, and floods. There are few safety precautions you can take, because there are no guardrails.

The hazardous road conditions aren’t the only danger travelers have to face. Sometimes, terrorists hide out in the mountains, and attack travelers.


Highways From Hell

Luxor-Al-Hurghada Road in Egypt is a place you want to avoid at night. Many accidents occur at night, because people are afraid to use their headlights.

If you are unfortunate enough to get lost, or break down after dark, you may be attacked by bandits, or terrorists.


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