Eternity Road

Lone traveler, no purpose I know

I stumble down Eternity Road

Past the spectral lights, and cities that glow

I unburdened my soul

Earthly possessions I’ve sold

Still I remain lost on

The endless maze of Eternity Road

Many paths I’ve tried

Hell is too far away

Heaven I cannot find

Without purpose in life

Futility is in dying



The Demon Hoarder

Kathy rolled her eyes, as she set down her box. “Now, who is it? I’m never going to get this stuff unpacked.”

She was greeted by two bearded men in suits.

“Can I help you?”

“No, but I can help you,” one of the men replied, as he clutched a bible to his chest. “I am Anthony, and this is my brother, Mark. We’re from the local church. We have reason to believe your house might be cursed…”

“Not interested,” Kathy replied, and slammed the door in their face.

She had many visitors offering to do a spiritual cleansing for her, over the course of two weeks.

She dropped her make-up, and screamed, as she noticed the reflection in her mirror.

A man with bluish-gray skin, protruding eyes, and a noose tied around his neck, stared back at her.

She soon began to see his demonic face in every reflective surface of the house.

She painted all her mirrors black, and boarded up her windows.

Kathy awoke to find the demonic apparition hovering above her bed.

“Who are you? What do you want?” she gasped.

“I won’t leave you alone until you help me,” the entity replied, “I killed myself after I lost my job. I was about to lose everything; my house, my wife, and even custody of my kids. Now, I’m condemned to live as a demon.”

“What do I need to do?”

“You need to collect 666 pounds of hair, nail clippings, flakes of dead skin, blood, earwax, mucus, feces, urine, teeth, saliva, and any other bodily fluids you can extract. After you collect these ingredients, I need you to recite the spell to resurrect me.”

“I don’t know any spells.”

“It’s written in blood on the basement wall. You can’t miss it.”

Several months later, the neighbors were complaining about the stench coming from Kathy’s house. The city was forced to intervene.

A hoarding specialist, and a psychologist showed up at her house. A few minutes later, a team of men in biohazard suits entered her premises to evaluate the house.

“No! No! You can’t touch any of that stuff!” Kathy tried to keep the men away from her deranged collection.

The psychologist turned to her. “Why do you feel a need to collect human waste?”

“I don’t have a choice! If I get rid of this stuff, the demons will come after me!”

Twenty minutes later, Kathy was put in restraints, and sent to the Glenwillow Psychiatric Facility.






Politics Makes Lunatics

What good are politics?

Politics makes lunatics

What good are politics?

If they don’t agree with

Your beliefs

People become

Violent, and scream

What good are politics?

Politics only benefit

The rich

What good are politics?

Is there a pure system

Of government?


Suicide Booth

Let’s build a suicide booth for the poor

What, you think we can’t afford the quarter?

Let’s build a suicide booth for the poor

We’ll never break the cycle of poverty

We have ineffective health care

And we’ll always face inequality

Let’s build a suicide booth for the poor

We’ll always give everything to the rich

Gather your meager belongings

And put them on a dish

Let’s build a suicide booth for the poor

For those who can take no more

As long as there is greed

We’ll never have human decency


Clone Away

Clone the rich

Phase out the poor

Repressed monetarily

No longer

Human beings

Clone, clone away


Every attribute

That makes decent

Human beings





The Crazy Cat Lady

Cats, cats, cats

I want one just like him

I want one in black

Cats, cats, cats

I want to clone

Every detail to the bone

Cats, cats, cats

I need more so

I wont be alone

Cats, cats, cats

They wont make fun of me

They wont talk back

Don’t matter if I’m homily

Don’t matter if I’m fat

Cats, cats, cats

Jumping from my drawers

Cats, cats, cats

I need some more

Cats, cats, cats

To keep me entertained

To keep me warm

Cats, cats, cats

We discuss the

Meaning of life

Cats, cats, cats

I’m nobody’s wife

Cats, cats, cats

Perch on my hat rack

Cats, cats, cats

Who needs human


Cats, cats, cats

I have no disorder!

Cats, cats, cats

Don’t call me a hoarder!




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