Today I had an epiphany. I think I’ve discovered the key to making it big as a writer. It’s more than about luck, talent, and who you know.

The key to making it big as a writer is hidden within the five muses.

  •  Art (any medium,  such as painting, sculpture, etc)
  •  Poetry (any style, any form)
  • Music (beauty within the music, and performing the music)
  •  Mathematics (patterns within numbers, knowledge of quantum mechanics)
  •  Knowledge of the metaphysical (paranormal, psychic phenomena, New Age, etc)

I will be spending the next few years testing this theory. I will post, any findings.

I think that everyone (who has a passion for the profession, and puts the effort into it) deserves to succeed. Why should only a few people hoard the glory? There is so much wasted talent out there.



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