Furniture Dog (A Story I Wrote When I Was 5)

There was a dog named F.D. He lived in a furniture stores in England, called “Gwen’s Furniture.”

The owner of the store was not allowed to have animals, so only the customers knew about him. He was a spoiled dog. He would get special treats from the customers, as well as his owner. F.D. had it made.

F.D. panicked as he overheard the conversation Gwen’s husband, Arthur, was having. The building was going to be torn down at noon the following day. He realized that he had to do something, because this was the only home he had.

At 10:00 am that morning, F.D. climbed onto the roof of the store. He figured that if he stayed on top of the building, the wrecking crew would not tear it down.

He could not have been more wrong. Little did he realize the construction crew would not see him, because he was only a small dog on top of a large building. He was knocked back from the impact of the wrecking ball, yet he refused to move. He stood his ground, until he was knocked off the roof. Grandma Gwen had taught him to always fight for what he believes in!

F.D. was hurt very badly. Two of his legs had been shattered. He was afraid, because he couldn’t move. Debris from the building was flying everywhere.

Suddenly, Grandma Gwen came, and scooped him up. “My little hero. You’ll be O.K.”

She took F.D. to the vets office, and brought him home to live with her. He realized that home is where you make it; wherever there is love.

F.D. became an instant celebrity. Grandma Gwen had just set foot in her home, when the phone rang. One of her customers wanted to reward her for saving F.D.

Gwen used the money to build an even better furniture store, where F.D. now works, charming the customers. i-love-london-bag





Duder (A Mini-Memoir)

When I was a child, my grandmother had a strange buck-toothed wiener dog, with a curly tail, named Duder. My mother left him behind when she moved. He was a brown dog, with black spots. My grandmother said that he wasn’t right in the head. When my grandmother would chain him up outside, he would bark at absolutely nothing. No one would be around; not even an animal.

Sometimes, Duder would steal pecans out of my grandmother’s bowl that she kept on the hutch. I used to get blamed for it!

Duder was my best friend growing up. I used to play silly games with him. I had a wooden pole with a stuffed horse head attached to it. I used to tie a string to the end of the pole, put a bent paper clip on it, and attach a dog treat to the end of it. When Duder was behind the couch, I used to cast the string like a fishing line. I called this “dog fishing.”

Sometimes, I would draw a picture of a female dog in a bikini, attach a dog treat to it, and tape it on the wall.

Yes, I was quite a strange child.

When Duder ran away the second time, I was heartbroken. I begged my second grade teacher to search through her closet, to see if Duder was hiding in there. I didn’t believe her when she told me that she kept Christmas decorations in there. She had to go through every item in the closet just to convince me. I was quite a crazy kid! angry-dog-1457976354fxY



Gambling With Words

Writing is gambling with words

It’s a numbers game if you prefer

Story after story you send in

Hoping for the one acceptance

Odds are 99 to 1

It can take away all the fun

Every day another rejection

It’s like pissing in the wind vintage-drama-poster

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