Life isn’t giving me ribbons of warmth

Life isn’t giving me a marker to mark the

Steep cliffs of the wilderness

Here’s why I leave

I must see where the darkening trails of

Twilight take me

Here’s what lights me up

The deepening mysteries

That stretch out before me

The break in the clouds

Where the rainbow should be





Sister Misery

Everywhere she goes she leaves

Behind a trail of woes

During holidays in alcohol she soaks

Sympathy she drinks like afternoon tea

Her tales of misery to strangers she feeds

In death’s desperation she breeds

Bringing melancholy to everyone she sees

Flowers wilt at the sight of her

Birds no longer sing

Like a bouquet of dead flowers

Only woe can she bring

Avoid her when you see her on the street

Sister Misery in her religion of macabre things


PMS Drama

I got my first period when I was 12 years old. My parents failed to tell me about menstrual cycles. I didn’t understand what was happening to me. I thought I was bleeding to death.

I was home alone with my great-grandmother. She had the onset of dementia, and didn’t know what was going on. She ended up calling the paramedics.



Thought of the Day #4

The next time you get on a public bus, attend a college lecture, go to a movie, or dine-out, look at all the empty seats. There could have been people filling those seats. These are the individuals that slip through the cracks of the system. The people who are left to perish on the streets.

We’re governed by a flawed system designed to cater to the ruling class elite. (The upper one-percent of the population.)

I named the empty seat next to me on the bus Lisa. We’re all human beings no matter what our income bracket is. We all laugh, cry, feel pain, and experience love. Who has the right to set a price on human life?


Rantings and Ravings

Rantings, and ravings

Pointless debate over

Daylight savings

Poverty depletes our


Materialism has religion


Self-centeredness, and lack

Of morals

Has become society’s slap

In the face

Priorities half-ass


We no longer value what

Can’t be replaced

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Thought of the Day #3

I’ve been a tomboy for as long as I can remember. I’ve been told that I think like a guy. I get aggravated when I have to hear the dull, pointless conversations that women have with each other in the restrooms. If I wanted to fall asleep, I’d watch an infomercial.

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Emotionally Homeless

I am emotionally homeless

No one understands me

I am emotionally homeless

No one appreciates my talent

I should be on TV

I am emotionally homeless

An artist with extreme sensitivity

My talent’s wasted

On today’s society



Thought of the Day #2

If you’re ever been homeless, it really changes your perspective on life. I use to be a materialistic person. Now I realize the most important material possession that you could have is the roof over your head. Material possessions only bring you a fleeting moment of happiness. The most important things in life cannot be purchased with money.

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Thought of the Day

Today, I fit into a pair of pants I was never able to wear before. Ladies, it’s O.K. not be a size zero. Shame on the media, and the fashion industries for promoting body-shaming, and eating disorders!!!Shame on the companies that only cater to small sizes!!!


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